The medical/dental community stance remains strong on NOT supporting a Unified system- with a growing support from allied health and pharmacies on the island also vocally NOT supporting the Unified Health scheme. The Government stance on Unified as a “done deal” is clear. There is an elephant in the room -and it is not moving.

This week news highlighted “Governments position on Corrections officers paying into GEHI scheme is unlawful”

What does this have to do with the medical community being at a crossroads with Government on Healthcare reform?

A lot. A lot of potentially wasted time and money on efforts to sway the public on a unified health system that from this court ruling means a whole lot less expected financial contributions are available.

So what could happen next? If you have less funds paying into the healthcare scheme then Government has to recalculate the mock plan benefits. This is a problem with a single payer system. What happens if people DO NOT PAY? Let’s stop and pause and reread that again. IF an expected portion of GEHI is not paying into a unified system how can the new system possibly provide the same level of benefits proposed at the same price? Do we really want all of our eggs in one basket?

Let us HOPE that what happens next is that our Government is fiscally responsible and reconsiders the other options on the table. The BMDA believes that the focus in 2020 should be: covering the 3329 residents without insurance (around 6% of the population) identifying the citizens who are sick or vulnerable, and get them the healthcare that they need, while continually striving for excellence within our framework. This does NOT require moving to a single payer government scheme.

So what is next? Legal action like the Prison officers? Speaking to your MP? Speaking to your employer? What is next is actually up to YOU, the patient. Your doctor can guide you to good health, but in the end you need to make the choices for your own