Be part of the dialogue.

The Minister of Health has said that she’s open to real, meaningful dialogue about health care reform with Patients 1st so lets work as a community toward the solutions.

 We are forming a “Solutions Seven” Patients 1st working group that will present our top seven proposals to Minister Wilson and her team. Solutions that are the result of collaboration among the community, the health industry and business leaders. They will be timely solutions that are relevant to now.

 Lets all be part of this dialogue. We always want to hear from you. How would you like to see the uninsured and underinsured covered so that everyone has access to quality healthcare. Share your ideas on how to reduce healthcare costs in Bermuda. Email us anytime at

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“I welcome the opportunity to have dialogue, real, actual, meaningful dialogue, with Patients 1st, on our shared goal for universal healthcare.”.

Minister for Health, Kim Wilson, Friday Feb 7, 2020.

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