The phrase “New Year, New You” usually provokes two responses. Eyes rolling or anxiety mixed with a “how do I do that”? The Proposed 2020 Heath scheme seems to be evoking a similar response. This weeks question revolves around some simple steps you can take to as an employee when it comes to “owning” your healthcare.

Make an appointment with your Employer for a 10min discussion on making sure you as an Employee and they, as your Employer understand what the Unified System could mean to you:
Questions to ask:

1. Does my Employer and HR/Manager understand the 2020 scheme
2. Was my employer consulted on the governments single payer/unified payment system
3. Did my employer agree with the unified payment system
4. Will my employer absorb the extra cost of supplemental insurance to match my current benefits?
5. Will my take home pay be the same under the new scheme
6 . Will my employer pay my prescriptions for me upfront if I exceed the plan and then deduct from my paycheck
7. Who pays if I have to go overseas for treatment
8. Do I have to sign a new statement of employment to reflect any changes?

It is a lot to think about. But 2020 is here already- the clock is ticking. The public consultation deadline may have “passed”. But that doesn’t mean you cannot still petition against it. Patients1st is AGAINST rushed Heath reform and AGAINST a SINGLE PAYER/UNIFIED PAYMENT system. Your health is not a simple “new year, new me” it’s a lifelong commitment.
Your voice: Patients1st petition can be found at or by links on fb