Help Protect Your Healthcare System

In Bermuda we currently enjoy excellent quality care.

  • 90% of the population is covered by insurance with a 71% satisfaction rate. This is among the highest levels in the region
  • You can usually see your primary physician within 24 hours. This is among the fastest (shortest wait times) in the region
  • Bermuda’s population has access to world class hospitals and physicians using the existing dual payer framework
  • We rank in the Top 5 countries worldwide for the lowest infant mortality and best maternal care outcomes

A major overhaul of the existing system and the way it is financed, that the Bermuda government is moving ahead with will result in a major disruption of the system.

Longer waiting periods, less choice in which doctor you see or which overseas hospital you attend, if any. There are many implications and unintended consequences. Find out more in these articles and we ask that you share what you learn.

Government Documents for Bermuda Health Plan 2020

Lessons From Abroad

In the US, Vermont tried to enact a single payer system.
Amy Goldstein reported in 2019 in the Washington Post:

If any state offered fertile terrain to create a single-payer version of universal health care, Vermont was it. It has some of the nation’s healthiest residents, with some of the lowest rates of uninsured. It is small and homogeneous. It shares a border with Canada, putting an existing single-payer system within sight. And it has just one main insurer, the nonprofit Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont, repeatedly ranked the most efficient Blue Cross Blue Shield plan in the nation.

Sen. Sanders can blame Vermont’s then-governor for the crushing failure of the single-payer dream in the Green Mountains in 2014. But the failure didn’t occur for lack of trying. According to Ms. Goldstein:

Three and a half years after then-Gov. Peter Shumlin of Vermont signed into law a vision for the nation’s first single-payer health system, his small team was still struggling to find a way to pay for it. With a deadline bearing down, they worked through a frozen, mid-December weekend, trying one computer model Friday night, another Saturday night, yet another Sunday morning. If they kept going, the governor asked his exhausted team on Monday, could they arrive at a tax plan that would be politically palatable? No, they told him. They could not.

Vermont has a population of ~626,000

Other Resources

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Day 9 – Our Voice

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 It’s not too late. Our children...
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