Why the fuss?

Here are the main factors that are seeing resistance from the community, including Bermuda First, Employers Council, Chamber of Commerce, charities, insurance companies, pharmacists, medical practitioners, dentists, opposition MPs and 8,300+ people on a Patients1st petition:

The plan hasn’t been explained – it’s still an idea with a ‘Mock Plan’ that doesn’t show the actual cost or coverage.

The numbers are based on incomplete data.
There are other ways to address the uninsured and underinsured – not replace the whole system.

People haven’t been told what it will mean to them.

The medical community input about Unified financing was ignored.

Not everyone in the public knows about this yet, but government still closed the consultation.
There was no public consultation about going to a Unified financing system.

To learn more, research news articles and join @PatientsFirstBermudaGroup on Facebook where members have posted insightful articles and videos.