Who We Are

Patients1st Bermuda was started by the Bermuda Medical Doctors Association (BMDA) in August 2019 because the medical community was and still is very concerned about the unintended outcomes of the proposed health care reform.

Soon after, the Bermuda Dental Association and Allied Healthcare Providers joined Patients1st and now the Pharmacy Owners of Bermuda, several charities and the 10,000 people who have signed the Change.org/BermudaHealthPlan petition are also a part of the cause.

All stakeholders consider the proposed Bermuda Health Plan 2020 as the single most important issue facing Bermuda because of the wide-ranging impact it will have. Every person in Bermuda will be affected in some way.

BMDA whose mandate is to work directly for the welfare of the doctor/patient relationship represents the majority of Bermuda’s community-based physicians – more than 75 physicians and membership is voluntary.

99% of members voted NO to the proposed UNIFIED health financing.
100% dentists voted NO to the proposed UNIFIED health financing.
100% pharmacy owners voted NO to the proposed UNIFIED health financing.

Our Plan

Doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other members of Patients1st want to improve:

  • Access to health care for the 6000 residents who do not have it
  • Diabetes and obesity prevention in primary care
  • Decrease the overall costs of healthcare – this is largely related to hospital expenditures (over $300 million per year)
  • Encourage use of local treatments vs. costly overseas treatments
  • Fiscal responsibility of government health care investments

Patients1st supports working toward a plan with consultation that is inclusive, well planned, fiscally responsible and puts patients first.
We support a plan that Bermuda’s private insurers and business interests have already proposed to government that helps to cover the under-insured, uninsured and pre-existing patients within the existing dual-coverage framework.

How Can You Help Yourself?

  • Carefully read the Bermuda Health Plan 2020 and write or call your Local MP or Senator to specify how this will be paid for, how exactly YOUR coverage and health with be affected, who will determine who your doctor is and how overseas care (catastrophic illness) will be managed?
  • Speak to relatives or friends who have lived under a socialized medicine system. What were the pros and cons? Can you do this without income tax? How were wait times for surgeries and doctor visits?
  • Sign the petition at www.change.org/BermudaHealthPlan
  • Share your ideas about how to reduce health care costs. Contribute to a better plan for Bermuda? Share your ideas here
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