Our Goal

  • We intend to educate the community on the pros and cons of the proposed Bermuda Health Plan 2020.
  • We intend to share with Bermuda government our experience as a community of medical professionals, many who have worked in healthcare systems that the government is proposing.
  • We intend to be relentless until government agrees to remove Unified healthcare financing (monopoly) from their agenda and agrees to approach healthcare reform in a responsible way that doesn’t risk the healthcare future of every person in Bermuda

What is Government Proposing?

  • A seismic shift from our current dual payer system to a Unified/single payer (monopoly) system
  • A mock plan to cover the 10% of the population that’s currently uninsured and underinsured by completely changing the cover of the existing 90%


Since November 2019 nearly 10,000 people of Bermuda have signed a petition calling for government to rethink and remove from the table the Unified single-payer monopoly financing system. It was presented to government when it reached 7,000 signatures.
7,000 signatures were ignored.

The petition remains open and we encourage everyone in Bermuda to sign it, if you do not agree to monopoly healthcare financing. We all agree that healthcare reform in Bermuda is necessary and that uninsured and underinsured people must have access to quality care. It can be done without a complete overhaul of a system that currently works for 90% of the community, delivering some of the highest quality care in the region.

“If you want to change the future, you must change what you’re doing in the present.”

Mark Twain

“What I learned the hard way, is that it isn’t just about reforming the broken payment system. Public financing will not work until you get costs under control.”

Governor of Vermont who tried to introduce the single payer healthcare system

Play a role in your long term future healthcare

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